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As a former employee that quit, i feel obliged to point out what i have seen at an Emeritus facility in Denver.

It was very short staffed with people that do not have the same understanding of standard of living or language skills and who routinely misplace personal items. It was negligent in the nursing care given to the residents of memory care, many over-medicated or meds changed so often that they degraded the quality of life and hastened the death of these people.

It was heart wrenching to watch this happen and to answer the families questions about what was happening. The understaffed nurses are not to blame for the culture of greed that comes from upper management. The Exec Dir. at Rosyln is comparable to darth vader in her approach to connecting with the residents.

It is hard not to blame her but she is doing it for her own sanity because she could not 'care' and do the job of increasing revenue and decreasing cost.

It is truly the bottom line that counts at emeritus because they answer to shareholders that want dividends. This company will be sued in a class action lawsuit after enough people discover that the level of care was significantly different than what was promised, the consistent negligence is company wide and that the nurses are mismanaging the care because they are consistently understaffed.

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To ED at Roslyn..... As a current Emeritus employee in good standing....

I call bullcrap to you and your company stating its not true and by an ex disgruntled employee.... Y'all hire it if it will squeak by a background check and I have even seen felonies be forgiven for an RCD... Emeritus has no standards!!! Hence it will be losing me as well!!!

I actually care as a nurse and cannot watch this happen....

I personally wouldn't put my pet there... Sad

Denver, Colorado, United States #621044

Most of the employees that are no longer at Roslyn do not meet the high standards of quality I expect from the employees. To the disgruntled ex-employee: you can call me whatever you like.

There are many families and residents that will tell you that things have greatly improved since Emeritus began managing the community in Nov.

2010. Also, we haven't had any residents move out due to being dissatisfied which tells you a lot about us.

to ED at Roslyn Denver, Colorado, United States #700885

Bull *** this company sucks and i am going to report everything i know about them including pics and video.they keep employees that they knowing have abused residents have present and prior families when the media get hold to this and if the company trys to come after me for providing this info that will be another law suit for retaliation. Good luck emeritus of denver and roslyn :cry


The Court at Denver Emeritus is so severely understaffed to the total neglect of its tridents. They are so bored, lonely and neglected.

There is no cleaning schedule, care plans that implemented. Items are stolen and maintenance is so lazy and will not help families. Universal Precautions are neglected. Phones are broken, remote controls gone.

no activities on weekends or evenings. residents left alone all the time, in showered, teeth not brushed, rooms not cleaned. there is no help for denture patients to get dressed and undressed daily. there its no consistency.

The illegal ratios leave innocent victims helpless and families left with worry and agony. One house cleaner for 60 rooms. overflowing toilets, no proper clean up team.

horrible and sad. Adult protective services should be involved soon.

to Very Sad Brinkley, Arkansas, United States #609907

My mother was being abused, neglected , and drugged. My dad busted her everyday but was blinded as to what was going on at the Emeritus in Ocoee Florida.

I had her removed before they killed her. The staff was uneducated and lazy.

There were no activities and they would leave patients for dead. Very sad thankfully she is doing very well now at Serenades.

to Very Sad Denver, Colorado, United States #700887

And it is still this wat till this day. Send me some info and maybe we can go to the media with what we both know. Current employee still taking notes on this place it sucks they are a bunch of crooks all head deapartments :(

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